Provided with either full 26ft Production Truck or Flypacks

Webcast and Broadcast Transmission - includinhg encoding, packaging, bandwidth

Primary Fiber/Copper Bandwidth Onsite Bandwidth

Backup Microwave Onsite Backup Bandwidth

Backup MIcrocell Onsite Backup Bandwidth

Full Live or Shoot Video Production services - multicamera shoots from 720p - 4K (inlcuding 720p and 1080i for broadcast, and up to 4K 60FPS for webcasts)

Aircheck, ISO and Linecut captures in any desired formats - ProRes (all versions), DNxHD, Uncompressed 10-bit, any bitrate H264 and H265

Full Live motion or still graphics

Live and Offline Encoding and Decoding

Onsite Production Fiber and Networking Infrastructure

Multitrack Audio - MADI based and AVB based systems up to 128 channels with Remote Controlled Mic Pres

VOD/Video Post Production

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